I Never Knew Breakfast Was Sad.

I never really thought about breakfast as being sad, until the launch of Chobani Oats and the #stopsadbreakfast campaign. But how happy can a bruised banana, burnt toast, or a sugary donut be?  So swapping it out for Chobani Oats may not be a bad idea. Or that’s what they hope you’ll believe.

But it’s not the actual product that makes this campaign noteworthy. Let’s face it, oats and yogurt are not a new food pairing, or a revolutionary breakfast choice. What’s unique for the category is the digital content and other tactics that Chobani created to sell their new take on breakfast. With the “Oats-Intervention” content series, the office guy secretly replaces the breakfast sufferer’s food with Chobani. Cute — for the yogurt category. Chobani also had pop up booths in New York, and have scheduled office takeovers in other cities later this month. And to add to the mix of clever is the “Cho-ffeur” pedicabs in Chicago, Boston, and DC that will surprise commuters with free rides and breakfast on the go.

With no real innovation in the breakfast category in a long time, Chobani is trying to market their way into breakfast, driving trial digitally, physically, socially. Nice effort. Let’s see if it works for them.

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