Honesty Gone To The Dogs?

PetFoodHonesty photoYou can mess with the amount of sugar that’s actually in my breakfast cereal, hide a little xanthan gum in my sandwich bread. But don’t you mess with what I feed my pet. Just don’t.

As a pet lover and owner of two happy-go-lucky dogs, I always do my best to give them the healthiest quality pet food I can buy, with decisions often based on what I have believed is honest advertising. Yet little did I know that Blue Buffalo, the brand that touts using only the highest quality, natural ingredients, has been accused by Nestle Purina of misleading the public about their use of poultry bi-product meal in their dog food.

As a bold move to bring this to light, and to support their own transparency beliefs, the Purina Dog Chow home page loudly blasts the commitment to “Honesty in Pet Food“ above all else, where they feature daily updates on the Purina/Blue Buffalo court case. Now my instincts would tell me that lawsuits would be best kept behind the scenes until proven one way or the other. But to the contrary, Purina’s taken a very aggressive role as one of the industry watchdogs, (no pun intended), investigating false ingredients claims, and other inappropriate practices.

Now we know that when it comes to big business, behind every self-appointed watch dog, there may be just a tad of self-interest, especially since Blue Buffalo has encroached on Purina’s share of market. But if their efforts are sincere in keeping the industry transparent and safer for our pets, then I salute Purina for not only their ongoing perseverance, but also for their bold marketing strategy!


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