Comedy Theater Gets the Last Laugh on Government Surcharges

Pay per Laugh | TeatreNeu from edududu on Vimeo.

Times are hard everywhere. Budgets are shrinking. We all have to find ways to work smarter and more efficiently. Find new ways to stay on top and ahead of the game.

Some of the hardest hit areas are in arts. Case in point that has hit the Twitter steams – a theater in Spain, a “little guy” trying to survive in the climate of austerity measures and disappearing viewers, turned away by rising ticket prices, hit hard by government surcharges.

TeatreNeu in Barcelona decided to blend their traditional comedy craft with high technology to overcome their financial hurdles. Their idea? To offer spectators free entrance and charge them a nominal fee every time they laughed. Check out how this played out — with 35% more spectators than previously and 28,000 euros more revenue per show! Now THAT is pretty impressive innovation!  Something we could all learn from, no?

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