Age Before Beauty? Why Choose?

Dame Helen Mirren New L'Oreal ModelIn our youth obsessed culture, it’s fantastic to see an iconic brand like L’Oreal tap another “Mature Market” spokesperson, welcoming Dame Helen Mirren, 69, to join fellow beauties like Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Lopez, and Blake Lively as a face of the brand.

Everyone from People Magazine to The Huffington Post were crowing about the move, without a single naysayer. She is not their oldest pick — Jane Fonda takes that honor — but sure does help to redefine the relationship between age, beauty, and brand image!

Having gotten into heated debates with many of our clients recently over the danger of ignoring the huge and lucrative Aging Boomer market, when enticed by the coveted Millennials, this move by L’Oreal simply signals smarts! Dame Helen is stunning, sexy, alive with personality and confidence. What’s NOT for a brand to stand for?

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