Netflix is Watching YOU, too!

Netflix- It’s inspired by YOU, Paris!

Netflix has launched itself into the Paris marketplace in a big way! Working with Ogilvy-Paris, they created a one hundred-GIF-inspired Out of Home campaign that is taking the City of Lights by storm.

Their promise: They are “Inspired by YOU.” Their not so secret creative weapon: GIFs. No matter how you pronounce them, those simple, sometimes annoying, usually attention-grabbing, twitchy-looping visuals that seem to appear everywhere you turn, are the centerpiece of this Parisian takeover.

Adweek showcases the campaign, highlighting special responsive GIFs (that) actually react to current events and real time things such as weather (like a rainy scene from a film when it’s actually raining at a bus stop), all being used to stop city-dwellers in their well-heeled tracks, everywhere they turn — on billboards, inside malls, on trains, buses and bus stops, to name un peu.

Whether you’re a fan or not of GIFs, you certainly have to give Netflix kudos for green lighting such a creative campaign, so embedded in the city that it won’t be able to be ignored. And it certainly lives up to the brand promise that Netflix is “Inspired by YOU.” Net, fantastic to see creativity and strategy get along so well together!

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