Putting Family Back into Thansgiving, One Store at a Time

Black Friday at Walmart62% of Americans are reported to hate or dislike the fact that stores are open for Thanksgiving Day, according to The National Retail Federation . It’s only 2 weeks away, now. So, are you FOR spending Thanksgiving with your family or FOR spending it at Crate & Barrel? With the groundswell (backlash?) underway this year, you may not have to choose…

A legion of retailers are saying “No” to opening for Turkey Day shopping this year, betting that their support of time with family may net them more support in the end. (Or, heavens, maybe they really do believe it’s the right thing to do and not just a counterculture marketing play!)

Even as a Marketer who knows the value of being “first, fast and cheaper, ” and the fact that the sooner people are reminded of holiday shopping, the more they will buy, I have always HATED the (what I strongly believe is an) unnecessary intrusion into an American holiday that should be reserved for being thankful for more than a slew of deals on TVs. And I’m not alone — that 62% number I quoted, that’s almost 3/4 of all Americans who say they hate or dislike this practice. So I guess it’s the other 38% who spend a ton of money that day.

Even though I am not 100% certain that I believe it is totally altruistic, kudos to you, Costco, Publix, and P.C. Richard! Unfortunately you are still in the minority. Here’s the full (short) list so far — one I hope increases:

American Girl

Barnes & Noble

Bed, Bath and Beyond

BJ’s Wholesale Club

Burlington Coat Factory


Crate & Barrel





Home Depot

Jo Ann Fabrics





Pier 1



Sam’s Club

Sur La Table

T.J. Maxx

What’s your take on this?

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