Best Thanksgiving #TBT Ever!

The Pilgrims are trending on Facebook, and Publix Super Markets are responsible. When Publix Super Markets debuted its Thanksgiving TV commercial in 1998, their Pilgrim Pair salt and pepper shakers became an instant holiday sensation. Customers loved them, and enjoyed countless Novembers with the Pilgrims, along with collateral items – like napkins rings and spoon holders, gravy boats, and even a “Lil’grim” Pair (Pilgrim kids).

But in 2006, the Pilgrim Pair celebrated its last Thanksgiving and were retired…GASP!!!!

Well, as the spot says: “There’s nothing like being together at the holidays.” So, taking their own advice, Publix brought the ceramic couple out of retirement. Identical to the originals, the best new twist in this #TBT, is that now the Pilgrims have a presence on social media, including very cleaver teasers on Facebook , plus a #PublixPilgrims “Pilgrim tracking and posting” page, asking customers to show where their Pilgrims have landed — shareable to Facebook and Twitter…of course! #PublixPilgrims Population

Publix #PilgrimPair on Facebook







Yes, Thanksgiving IS all about being together (which is why we saluted Publix as one of the growing number of retailers to push back against opening Thanksgiving Day.) And yes, people like tradition. So apparently, warm, happy, tradition-loving people = loyal customers.

So yes, Publix, looks like you have made your loyal customers happy… and perhaps connected with a few more in the process.

I’d like to say thanks for this #TBT. It’s a very simple, yet happy campaign. Wish there were more like it.

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