Do-Si-Dos Go Digital.

Screen shot 2014-12-02 at 12.33.08 PMSoon-to-be-gone are the days when your favorite girl scout in the green vest knocks on your door or stands at your local supermarket peddling their Do-si-dos®, Thin Mints® and Tagalongs® among other cookie delights. Girl Scout cookies have gone digital!

The Girls Scouts, who have been selling cookies since 1917 and today are an $800 million industry designed to raise capital while teaching entrepreneurship, are now online. This January will see the debut of the scouts’ Digital Cookie program, which will allow click ordering of cookies via mobile apps or personalized websites. Screen shot 2014-12-02 at 9.41.42 PM

Under the program, each scout may have her own personalized cookie website, which customers can gain access to only if the scout sends them an emailed invitation. To protect the girls, no identifying information about the scout is posted or publicly visible. Another option to order is through a mobile app that includes credit card processing and direct shipping.

While the Girl Scouts of America certainly took their time to get into the digital age, this was in part due to trying to figure out how to enable online sales while protecting the anonymity of their young scouts. Nevertheless, they have finally taken the plunge to enable their customers easier access to their delectable treats and to keep them rolling in the dough (so to speak). The reality check? Go where your customers are and figure out how to overcome the obstacles.  

So now, your local girl scout will still get the cookie sale credit and your favorite cookie is just a click away. Scouts honor!

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