Happy Holiday Customers

Every year business everywhere (Agencies included) struggle to say “Happy Holidays” to our customers.  The goal: to thrill our clientele with creative, imaginative, and often outlandishly festive videos, cards, and other online experiences. Oh yeah, and to spread joy and good cheer.

Well for inspiration, we should all check out what one of the most UNfestive, UNcheery businesses — a grocery store — did for their customers. Our Happy Holiday Showcase: the largest grocery chain in Germany, Edeka.

Edeka decided to surprise its shoppers with a contemporary rendition of Jingle Bells. Not so impressive, you say? Well it took 9 cashiers, 13 cameras, 1 beat boxer, synchronized flashing scanner lights, and a crowd of unsuspecting customers to pull it off.  Now THAT’S impressive! This unbelievably choreographed JB rendition surprised and entertained evening shoppers by using cash register scanners to beep the holiday classic… and, judging by their reactions, was a clear WINNER!

Talk about a fantastic job of delighting customers! Tackling the key insight of grocery shopping boredom, Edeka made the late night shopping experience festive and fun. So not only did the grocery chain end up with some fabulous PR, social sharing, a commercial AND a really creative “Holiday Card” to post on their website, but hoards of happy holiday shoppers.

Simply some great inspiration!



Source: https://sfglobe.com/2014/12/01/this-grocery-store-surprises-its-customers-with-some-holiday-cheer/?src=home_feed

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