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NY Subway Marketing Flop



At a time of year when we are all so conscious of wringing out every last penny of value from the resources we have, this TBS W.T.F.: FLOP really got to me.

In a recent, rare December descent into the bowels of New York transit system (AKA The Subway), an unusual spot of “creativity” flashed in front of me. (Excited!) Literally flashed, as an arriving train slithered passed and stopped with a screech. Then, for a short moment, while doors were still closed, I saw some familiar figures – characters from a popular TBS animated show American Dad. But as quickly as they appeared, they were gone.

So… huh? What? Why? I repeat, huh? What was I supposed to take away from this? (Other than to register was that a new season began in October. And unless I was in a total time warp, this was December.)

So wow. What a lost opportunity. All I could think of was how obscenely much money TBS must have paid for such a “nothing” viewer experience. While I guess it looked better than the standard-issue NY graffiti, I now knew ________ about this show and why I should care. (Other than maybe folks at TBS forgot that it was no longer October.) Sorry TBS, you get a rare GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up, or Flop) FLOP Award (and so sad to do this at the holidays!)

But we work with so many brands that have to fight to get every moment of impact out of precious, limited, marketing dollars, that this just made me mad. A waste of a phenomenal wealth of marketing money.

Hey TBS, here’s a holiday gift for you: GW Hoffman Marketing, 203-655-8321 @gwhoffman1


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