How a 4-yr old Gave Life to a Campaign

Never underestimate the power of an adorable kid being real.

Back in October, UPS launched their #WishesDelivered campaign — a sensational sentiment to help give the boring and usually berated logistics brand a bit of humanity — because, as UPS says, every delivery starts with a wish. But it hadn’t gotten much traction until this irresistible little 4 year old dude named Carson hit social media. Currently at over 2 million views and counting in just 1 week, seems little Carson has made UPS’ wishes come true in return!  Have you fallen victim to him yet? The gist? Post your wish to #WishesDelivered and UPS donates up to $100,000 to 3 deserving charities — Boys & Girls Clubs of America, The Salvation Army, and Toys for Tots Literacy Program. And Carson’s wish? Appears that he latched on to “Mr. Ernie,” his local UPS delivery man, as his BFF. And Carson wanted to be a UPS driver like “Mr. Ernie” in the worst way. So UPS delivered on Carson’s wish… with a payoff that could not have been better scripted by Shonda Rhimes!

So, they added one little UPS truck to the list of even more fantastic wishes delivered, like books to children in Malawi, snow to kids in Corpus Christi, over 10,000 coats to deserving kids in Michigan, and more!

It’s a great campaign. It’s great branding and distinction for UPS. All the right elements (even if the web site is a little buggy). So what took it so long to catch the right attention? Does any Marketer really know? We agencies all hear “I want to go viral,” till we’re blue in the face. But what a great Reality Check on the Rules of the Social Media — be sincere, say what your brand stands for, pay it off, … then get out of the way and see what happens!

However, a really cute kid can’t hurt.

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