What Does Your Brand Stand For… Really?

Ingersoll-Automotive-card_StraightOnEver get caught off guard by a small act of generosity by a company or brand that just made you think “WOW!”? Something totally unexpected? … And something that totally redefined that brand in your mind? I just did.

Last weekend, my wife and I went to our favorite movie theater, where we were informed that a local auto dealership had purchased the movie passes for everyone in attendance that evening. In lieu of the tickets, we received a simple 3 X 5 card stating, “You’ve just received an Ingersoll Automotive Hug. We are proud to live and work in our community and we hope we made you smile.”  Okay, so we saved a whopping $4. But the REAL beauty of it? Not the savings, but  the authenticity of the gesture.

What do free movie passes have to do with promoting an auto dealership? Nothing…     and everything. Because the next time I’m in the market for a new vehicle, I now know an establishment that’s not only generous, personable, and caring, but one that’s also interested in making sure their community/prospective customers are happy. And that’s HUGE!

REALITY CHECK: Great branding and marketing doesn’t always need to be sophisticated, high tech, or expensive. It needs to be sincere and say what you want to say about who you are. Kudos Ingersoll!

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  1. Judith A Busch says:

    Just read this blog and was pleased to see that big companies can do little things that mean a lot and that there are people out there that appreciate kindness and generosity. So I say “Thanks Ingersoll and thanks Jimbgwh” You made my day!!!.

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