Hysterical New Ground for Super Bowl Ads!

Newcastle Super Bowl AdvWith Super Bowl Sunday closing in on us, excitement is growing for the commercials that will play during the Big Game, and sneak peeks of these TV spots are everywhere. Turns out, some brands are taking pretty innovative approaches to their big game advertising. And you know that excites us here at GW Hoffman Marketing! Wait’ll you see two of our favs…Newcastle Brown Ale shines again this year! Last year, they pretended to prepare to run a Super Bowl ad. This year they actually do– at least regionally. Newcastle’s “Band of Brands” includes 37 advertisers splitting the cost of a hilariously crammed spot that pokes fun at the exorbitant cost to have 184 million Americans see your brand, for a few precious seconds. (For an even bigger laugh, check out how Newcastle recruited the other 36 advertisers.)

But another “Take This, Competition!” advertiser stands out as well — Volvo. Only, they didn’t actually buy a Super Bowl spot. Instead, The Greatest Interception Ever urges people to Tweet during other automakers’ Super Bowl commercials for a chance to win one of 5 Volvo XC60 SUVs – – for someone else! The #VolvoContest on Twitter will ask folks to Tweet why their nominated friend or family member is deserving of a new car. Can you say viral?

Here’s to marketing way outside the box and putting the focus back on reality vs hype, on the people, and on actually telling a pretty real story about what you stand for through your advertising.

Well played guys, well played.

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