Want to Win? Redefine Your Retail.

Artisanal Gift VendingWant a new sales opportunity for your product or service? Redefine how and where you play!  Just like success story SouveNEAR — a little company that changed the whole dynamic of selling authentic local artisanal goods, by placing them in VENDING MACHINES in… the airport! Yep, crazy as this sounds, it’s not only true, and a raging success, but makes TOTAL sense when you think it through from all sides.

Local goods and crafts have an authentic connection to their communities like no other. But their selling opportunity is limited to folks with time to browse the fairs, galleries and festivals where they are displayed.

Enter SouveNEAR,  a company that conversely, is out to change the name of the game for, of all things, souvenir buyers. Because absolutely no one needs another “… All I Got Was This Stinking T-Shirt” t-shirt, SouveNEAR seeks out and curates items that best reflect the spirit of the city in which they are created. Then, they offer them for sale in the local airport, mecca for hoards of last minute “What am I going to get the dog-sitter?” gift-givers.

Sound silly? Well, the vending machine that was placed in the Kansas City International Airport initially for just a month, has been so successful that more machines are being installed there, and now planned at other airports around the country. Likely because it’s a fantastic example of thinking about what people really need, in their real lives, and how to get it to them in the most meaningful way.  Authentic, human, complete with a terrific backstory, … and convenient!

Reality Check: The definition of “retail” is wide open today! What might you accomplish if you push past the traditional definition for your product or service, and simply think about how to be available to your people in a new, convenient way. Who says vending machines have to be for soda and snacks? And who says the best souvenir is a snow-globe?


Source: USA Today 12/31/14

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