Fantastic Brand Built to Buck The Trend

We live in a frantic world. Always connected, scrolling, typing, checking in. And wondering how to speed it up even more. Well, STOP. Check out this “explanation” of the slow brand and tell me you don’t feel something.

No wonder, that barely 2 years since its launch, the slow watch will be in the Oscars’ goody-bags again this year!…

A product cool enough to appeal to the coveted Millennials, but also “What am I doing with my life?” Boomers. What a branding coup! That video is a phenomenal expression of the brand vision, one perfectly paid off in the product itself.

Listen to the words they used. “It’s a symbol of time, not a timekeeper. No one needs a watch these days. Everyone has a mobile phone.” TRUE! Yet I want to buy your watch!  Because the slow watch doesn’t measure time, it “measures the moment.” And of course, the product itself pays off this brand promise perfectly — Swiss quality and precision inner workings, but the removal of the extraneous hands so there is only one, showing the entire 24 hours we have to utilize in our day, not just 12, and moving (of course) at half the speed of a normal watch. Freedom to choose band styles and watch sizes; Stress-free transactional process — shipped directly from the manufacturing facility with 100% no-cost returns if necessary.

Some could say, “It’s just a watch.” I say that I haven’t seen a product that stood for something so “anti-trend” so well, so completely, and with such an interesting proposition in a long time. Would like to have seen their “Manifesto” showcased more prominently on their web site, though, ’cause I think it simply says it all. So we’ll help spread the word a little here. @theslowwatch is a definite GWH W.T.F. Award WINNER for great branding and more!

Reality Check: Does your brand stand for anything at all? Could you give a speech like theirs about your brand? And so convincingly?…

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