Taking Sampling to New Heights

Icelandair Customized Plane

Seeing the Northern Lights has long been on my wish list. Icelandair® is hoping it’s on lots  of others’ lists, too. So they are “sampling” this fantastic phenomenon at 35,000 feet!

Promoting their “free stopover for up to 7 nights (!) in Reykjavik” opportunity on flights to and from Europe, the airline is highlighting one of their national “treasures” — and increasing your odds of seeing these beauties to CERTAIN. Forget a right-place-right-time chance of seeing those Northern Lights, passengers can catch them on Icelandair’s new Aurora Borealis-themed plane, Helka Aurora. This plane features on-board LED lights that resemble the Northern Lights show and an exterior painted to resemble the heavenly spectacle.

With Iceland being one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights, the Helka gives people a “little taste” of their magnificence from far away. What a great way to take the conversion power of what most of us know as “sampling” and apply it to something you can’t sink your teeth into. After seeing this plane, I might just make plans to take advantage of this fantastic stopover perk. While the Helka Aurora is currently only in service in Europe, the airline says they plan to keep the plane “blinged out” indefinitely. They fly to Iceland from 10 cities in the US, including Boston, New York-JFK, Washington, D.C., Seattle and Denver, with seasonal service from Newark, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Orlando, Portland and Anchorage. So maybe the Aurora Borealis could be coming to a city near you.

Reality Check: Samples don’t always have to come in little boxes, bags, or paper cups.






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