Mophie Creativity Recharges SXSW

Mophie Promo at SXSWWith SXSW becoming larger and larger each year, and more massively big budget corporations participating, it’s a challenge to really stand out. Unless of course, you have an army of adorable St. Bernard dogs attached to your brand.

Mophie, best known for its portable smartphone battery juice packs, dispatched these lovable lunky dogs to help those in need of a cell phone battery charge — because clearly one cannot be at SXSW with a dead cell phone. To get a chance for a rescue recharge, users simply had to tweet #mophieRescue and include a pic of their dying battery. Pretty simple. But brilliant.

Mophie clearly scored the trifecta on this one: Great connection to their brand, great social sharing opportunities, and awesome social do-gooding, as the St. Bernards they used were all rescues waiting for a good home.

I hope all the plane seats leaving Austin were filled with slobbery St. Bernard’s heading to their new homes.

This one, a GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up, or Flop) Award WINNER big time.

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