The Unbelievable Power of a Happy Customer

Popular American Giant HoodieIt’s a simple story. Online apparel start-up American Giant was ramping up production, when a positive review of their signature hoodie on caused a viral sensation and depleted all of their stock. All of it. So they hustled to open new facilities, and being a U.S. based manufacturer that sources all of their raw material from  the Southeastern U.S., it wasn’t easy or cheap. But a few short months later, and they are almost fully restocked and looking to launch even more comfy clothing lines.

So, what is the secret to their success? American Giant Hoodie

Apparently, a well-made product,  actually produced in the good old USA, is something that people want to buy. Now, not all companies that produce well-made, American-born products will be similarly rewarded with this sort of viral attention. But a good product at a decent price that make good jobs for people here at home, seems like a pretty good place to start. And yeah, makes you marvel at the power of a satisfied customer, too. (And $15 to anyone who is happy enough to refer another customer.) Just plain smart.

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