Testing — Knowing When to Fold is Bold.

Coors Light gwhRealityCheckEvery marketer knows the time, money and effort it takes in planning and producing a major new ad campaign. But it takes the very brave marketer to know the angst and turmoil to pull a campaign even before it starts because it did not sit right with your customer. Folding, to say “I hear you” and therefore not run the ad, is a BOLD move.

That is exactly what Coors Light, the 2nd largest-selling beer, did this past week. The marketing campaign titled “The Cold One” was halted after some of the screenings did not fare well with distributors according to Ad Age. This decision to halt is even more critical as Coors is embarking on the summer months, high seasonality for beer, and especially in the face of a -3.3% decline in shipments. Now, Coors Light needs to accelerate with a new, smarter plan. But, very importantly, they took the first step–having the cojones to fold when something doesn’t feel right and start anew.


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