A Social Sharing App Now Delivers Drinks

Moet & Chandon Social Drink Sharing“Can I buy you a drink?” Whether as a pick up line, a congratulatory gesture, an act of  celebration, or for a million other reasons, it’s a question asked and answered over and over every day. So champagne giant, Moet & Chandon, created a perfect way to get into that conversation by creating a mobile app called Skosh to enable “Moet Moments” mobile drink-buying coast to coast! Just launched at the Miami Tennis Finals this past March, Skosh and Moet  had flutes of champagne being sent all over the stadium from all over the country. Basically, you send the bevvie via Twitter to your intended’s phone, where they receive a mobile drink coupon that can be redeemed at “participating establishments.”

Newly launched, of course there are questions and bugs — like finding out where this could be redeemed without actually signing up for the app, or getting any real info on the app anywhere easily — but I trust (hope) that those details will get worked out (though we all know they should have been thought through before launching, essentially wasting all the press they are receiving.)  Right now, appears only available in Miami. And only through Twitter. (Needs Facebook, yes?)

But what I LOVE is the IDEA. The smooth insertion of the brand into my life in a way that’s easy, natural, FUN and oh-so-repeatable!! This will allow me to share one of the most wonderful and natural gestures no matter where I am — eventually. We at GW Hoffman Marketing have always espoused that the very best marketing campaigns tap into Real People needs and behaviors, not manufactured ones. And this one hits it out of the park.

So dear Moet, please, please roll this puppy out soon. I am signed up and waiting… and isn’t THAT just a sign of a compelling promotion!

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