Little State, Big Splash Marketing

Intuit Tax Time Beer PromoAs “Where are my receipts?” Tax Season gains its final head of steam, thought it only fitting to showcase this clever bit of local marketing, where Intuit (the makers of online tax software for tax preparers) partnered with Providence, Rhode Island-based Revival Brewing Company to create “CPA IPA” (lol), a “special beer for accountants only.” Rhode Island may be a small market geographically, but the popularity of craft beer in this region is big — and so is the word that is spreading about the new brew.

They plugged the promo in the Rhode Island press, have hosted some happy hours across the state, where accountants enjoyed some free beer to de-stress during their crazy tax time, and look, I live in Chicago and am spreading this good word. Now THAT’s some reach!

This partnership is just a win on so many levels; it pays tribute to a hard working target audience during their busy season, it garners buzz for a great local brewery, gets people talking about the Intuit brand, and the whole “for accountants only” messaging makes the non-tax preparing public want to try the beer out of curiosity.

Congratulations Intuit and Revival Brewing Company! You’re a GWH W.T.F (Winner, Toss-Up, or Flop) Winner big time.

Reality Check: Next time someone tells you that an idea is “too small,” or “too much work for such a little area,” think of Intuit and Revival Brewing and you’ve got your comeback!

Source: Adweek 3/30/15

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