How to Engage? Be Delightfully Interactive

Retail Design Expo 2015When I was a kid, our local nature center had an interactive display in their reptile and amphibian house — a simple box with buttons and a light. Press a button next to the animal, and another button with the correct animal name, and the green light would go on. I loved it.

Fast forward, and the same principles of engagement are still key – it’s just that our tools have become more sophisticated.  Check out what a London-based agency has done to take the same basic idea just a little bit further with their “engaging space display” at the Retail Design Expo.

Using touch screens and projection-mapping software for the animations, sounds, and interactions, the technology is playful and engaging — particularly the way it uses modern touch-screen technology mixed with charming illustrations for an experience that is at once high-tech and charmingly old-fashioned.

Reality Check: When you give people a chance to engage all their senses, they become a part of the story you’re telling, and that can really help your ideas resonate with your customers.

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  1. Betsy Kent says:

    Love this! You keep creating awesome content that I love to read! Quick, fun, inspriring! And now I can share it!


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