Can an old Brand really learn new tricks?

"The Den" by Denny'sSo riddle me this: Denny’s is to AARP Boomers as _(BLANK)__ is to social & tech savvy Millennials. THE ANSWER: Denny’s.

Iconic purveyor of The Original Grand Slam breakfast and Moons Over My Hammy, Denny’s is proving that by uniting smart strategy and branding, with youth and technology, AND the willingness to put it all on the table, a Brand can cross the ages and be relevant to a whole new generation.

Denny’s clearly knew it had an age issue — aging Boomers may be paying the bills now, but that wasn’t going to fuel growth. So they got aggressive and gutsy and everything I love so much in creative, smart, brave Marketers.

Enter “The Den,” a “boutique” version of the QSR that showed up near college campuses serving all day breakfasts in a Millennnial-friendly environment. . Enter sassy, on trend Tweets and quirky animated video characters. Even, at the very core of who and what they are, enter new food choices and digital, tablet-based menus with DreamWorks mini films and fun content for the little ones that naturally come along with new Millennial Moms and Dads.

With demographic and lifestyle micro-marketing as affordable and executable as it is today, Denny’s is showing us all that an old Brand only has to stay old if it chooses to. Way to go, Denny’s. If you can do it, anyone can. Just have to be willing to try. Grand Slam from GW Hoffman Marketing!

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