Will a revamped Hamburglar sell any burgers?

McDonald's New HamburglarNo news flash that the Golden Arches have taken a major back seat to chains like Chipotle and Panera for contemporary food choices, especially for Millennials. So in an attempt to transform themselves into a more “progressive burger company” and to promote their new Sirloin Third Pound burgers, along comes a more handsome, hip, suburban-dad version of the iconic Hamburglar. Remember him? Unfortunately, most Millennials don’t.

Luckily, McDonald’s iconic brand recognition is getting him some major press upfront. Yet with controversial comments ranging from “looks like a French flasher” to “I’m shocked that McDonald’s is sending the message that theft is acceptable,” to a belief that he’s as hot as 50 Shades’ Christian Grey (really?), you have to wonder if this move going to be a hit or a joke gone bad. Guess it’ll depends on how McDonald’s responds from here.

And even if the Twittersphere continues to buzz,  the proof will only be in the new dude’s ability to sell burgers.

Reality Check: Transforming a long term declining brand perception may take more than a quick fix, Millennial-directed nostalgic marketing move. If McDonald’s wants to truly re-win the hearts and appetites of the consumer, maybe they should simply deliver more of the food choices that the people want. If that’s this new third-pound sirloin burger (100% sourced from US beef) then maybe it’ll work. Maybe.

But it does make me wonder what a transformed Mayor McCheese might look like.

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