How to Find Big Ideas in Little Details

Burger King Commuter PromotionSometimes the biggest marketing ideas take shape in the smallest details. Take what Burger King did in Seoul, South Korea.

Seoul is known for having one of the worst commute times for workers, with especially lengthy train rides. What happens? Workers doze, train stops are missed.

Enter Burger King and a brilliant campaign to turn this into breakfast sales!

The idea? Special little sleep masks offered to commuters, with their specific train stop written across the front, asking to be woken up when they arrive at their desired station. Inside the mask, were two coupons for free coffee at Burger King — one for themselves, and one for the person who woke them at their stop.

So far, it’s been a big hit, as morning sales at participating stores rose 18.7% in the first month and social media chatter about the brand jumped 44.5%.

Talk about a win-win. Solved a very real problem for commuters, and for Burger King. Kudos to Burger King for thinking outside the breakfast sandwich box, and for ingraining themselves in the real lives of their customers!

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