Promo 101: Give Them What They Want to Get What You Want

Promotion in Health Marketing is often believed to be either not possible, very straight forward, or, well, boring. We say, “Doesn’t have to be.”

As we kick off the sunny summer season, the leading health-related question is: “How do you get a sun-worshiper to take a little better care of their skin during beach season?”  The promotional answer?  Give them something they want in return — really want (and it isn’t sunscreen.)  The Peruvian League Against Cancer clearly got this Promo 101 Principle, when they built a special looming tower on the beach, and offered FREE WiFi to those who took respite in its shade!

This technological phenom was created to with a special antenna and sensor that rotated with the sun and set WiFi limits within the constantly moving shade. 250 cooled-down users at a time could power up and, in exchange for viewing some info on the prevention of skin cancer, be tethered once again to their addiction— their mobile communication devices.

The brilliance of coming up with this “incentive” in a Health Marketing capacity is almost as precious to me as some long overdue sun time! Unfortunately limited in affordable scalability, but hey, Uber had to start with just a few cabs, too. GWH W.T.F (Winner, Toss-Up, or Flop) Award WINNER for sure!

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