Healthy Brands Can Still Be Hip

Think about the last ad you saw for a good-for-you brand. It probably focused on the nutritional benefits of the product, right? Cravendale Milk in the UK follows the successful lead of the U.S. “GOT MILK” campaign, and takes possibly an even less traditional route for its advertising. A new TV spot from the milk brand, owned by UK dairy company, Arla Foods, again convinces (conservative?) viewers that they should drink milk… because it’s the cool thing to do.

The ad’s protagonist ‘The Milk Drinker’ is described as a modern day enigma and as a connoisseur of the cow. Any way you look at it, this dude is supposed to be an expert in good milk. And of note, he’s also a MAN. (GOT MILK at least has hundreds of pool outs to get both men and women into the mix. Bold move kicking off with a guy.)

This is a man who’s not afraid to go his own way. And neither is Cravendale.#MilkDrinkersMilk

Reality Check™: Good-for-you brands must still appeal to REAL people and real people like to feel like confident and cool, especially when they’re making a healthy choice.


Source: Adweek 5/11/15

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