Are Your Windows the New Frontier in Advertising?

Add My Window gwhRealityCheck

Add My Window Exterior Ad View #gwhRealityCheck

Need to make a little extra cash and got windows?

Well here is a new view on outdoor advertising, no longer restricted to billboards along highways. Anything outdoors, can be turned into a billboard. We’ve seen park benches, waste cans, buildings and now even your living room window. Add My Window, a start up company based in the Hague in the Netherlands, is a new outdoor advertising platform that brings together window owners and advertisers. 

Interior View Add My Window gwhRealityCheck

Interior View Add My Window #gwhRealityCheck

It allows people to rent their windows for advertising space. Based on the size and location of their public facing windows, owners receive financial compensation for allowing businesses to display their ads on their windows. The view outside is an ad printed on specially designed stickers that are installed on the inside of windows, and contain hundreds of small holes. The view from inside the house is not diminished due to the transparency created by the holes but also protects against potential peeping Toms and as a big plus, no curtains necessary.

Reality Check? While certainly as marketers we always push to reach our consumers in the moment effectively and efficiently, this just hits a little too close to home. Your home should be your fortress. And while turning your windows into cash might make you some extra money, it feels well, a little cheesy. It also begs the question, should every public facing outdoor space be open to commercialization? Might be a little too much window dressing for me.

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