Marketing Lessons from An Avocado

CA Avocado Ad CampaignAs summer produce season comes into full swing, we would like to salute the avocado.

We have been watching (and admiring) the Avocado Industry for years. By banding together and sharing costs, they have taken the mysterious, kinda ugly, after-guacamole-then-what? fruit (yup, it’s a fruit) and created a category of branded, marketing marvels!

From the sensational  “Love One Today®” health & wellness initiatives of the Haas Avocado Board, to this recent locally driven California Avocado Commission Campaign touting the the link between special California Avocados and THE most popular California-style dishes — notably the California Club, California Burger and California Roll, among others — the Avocado Industry has proven what we have always known (and done)—  that YES, branding can elevate even a lowly fruit, that YES, health marketing can play a huge role in retail sales, and YES we can come to prefer one avocado over another.

So, hey, Cherries Growers Association,, Watermelon Board, and Mango Board, let’s talk! And not to mention what we could do for beets!

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