The Next Marketing Horizon— Air Space!

The New DronieThink the “selfie” couldn’t be topped? Enter the era of the new “Dronie!” New product? New marketing tool? New social phenom? Apparently, yes.

Drones have certainly become more commonplace these days, even landing on the White House Lawn, albeit uninvited. While the use of drones has largely been for industrial and business purposes, it’s time to brace yourself for their newest application – the “Dronie,” one-upping the omnipresent selfie.

Start-up Brizi makes it possible for attendees at large gatherings (think concerts, sporting events, etc.), to get a unique and out-of-reach vantage point to snap “dronies” of themselves at the event, and directly post to social media by simply synching with their smartphones. To make this a profitable venture, brands can sponsor the Dronie via logo placement on the Dronie itself, and then on the Dronie images shared via social media.

Given our apparent addiction to the selfie, this is an intriguing evolution with the added benefits of social and brand integration built right in – making it a much more viable marketing tool than the lowly, so yesteryear selfie. It will be interesting to see how this takes off!

Just remember, next time you are at a concert, look up and say cheese!

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