Magic Mike XXL’s Amusing New Promo

ChanningTatum Magic Mike PromoFull disclosure: when he first came on the scene, I thought Channing Tatum was just another handsome, muscular lunk-head actor that folks seemed to swoon over. But having seen a few of his comedies since then, I have to admit, he’s won me over with his comedic timing and self-deprecating humor.

Well, those talents (and more) are on full display in a new promo for the upcoming sequel to Magic Mike, Magic Mike XXL.

While the first Magic Mike (directed by Steven Soderbergh) was not exactly a comedy, it looks like they’re using the lighter side of that film to promote the new one — specifically, having Tatum disguise himself as a “Marketing Executive” who interviews attendees after a screening of the new film. Much hilarity ensues of course, when he reveals who he actually is.

But the power of this concept comes from parlaying what could have been a run of the mill “Upcoming Movie” marketing stunt, into a funny promo video with great viral potential. Add in a promotional contest to win a trip to the premiere — apparently with Channing — as well as supporting The Runa Foundation, and it’s a GWH W.T.F. Award “Winner” all the way around.

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