Big Ideas Only Look Easy

UK Blood Week CampaignEver notice how the really big ideas look amazingly simple when executed properly? But what’s really behind them?

Our latest Poster Child: A recent National Blood Week campaign in the UK to increase blood donations due to drastically lower contributions.

The Big Idea: Massive, and I mean MASSIVE, partner campaign to remove the letters A,B, and O from a whole host of communications that had huge public exposure. And the #MISSINGTYPE Campaign was born (Get it? We are missing 3 blood types.) Seemingly in one fell swoop, the vowels came off of logos, signs, mastheads, even packages all across the UK!

UK National Blood Week CampaignThis campaign exploded everywhere! Entities from The Daily Mirror to the popular Odeon Cinemas, … to amazingly, the venerable Downing Street, joined in. I cannot even imagine the amount of coordination it took to pull this off.

Even better? It was such a hit, that thousands of additional companies are voluntarily joining in to keep the momentum going… AND donors increased by more than 10,000 almost overnight.

Reality Check: Are the “Big Ideas” easy to conceive of? Nope. Easy to implement? Never. Able to be planned and pulled off quickly? NO NO NO. They take time. (Imagine the amount of time this campaign took to coordinate?) But then, when they hit the street, they are intuitive, unexpected, entertaining, yet simplistic and easy to understand. Meaning, they work. People DO what you want them to do. (Our hallmark.)

Pleeeeease, Marketers out there, give your agency partners the time and space to create more of these kind of campaigns. And you will get more BIG IDEAS like this one.

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