Having the Guts to “Shake It Off”.

As high school graduations are happening all over the country, one high school graduation in Portsmouth, NH decided to shake things up with a new twist to traditional pomp and circumstance. Surprising and delighting everyone, the 235 graduating students led by their valedictorian, Colin Yost, pulled off an amazing giant flash mob dance to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

Kudos to the students who rallied together one final time to show their unified school spirit. And, BIG kudos to the school administrators who typically lean towards the gravitas of these events to have the guts to approve it and let the students lead.

Using an instructional video shared privately on YouTube, all 230+ students were able to learn the choreography. Yost and his team then got the administration on board, who were fine with the plan as long as the students could actually pull it off, even letting the seniors use five scheduled graduation rehearsals to get the routine right.

Reality Check? Shaking things up and having the gumption to change the norm takes courage. Not standing in the way is also just as important and might even take more courage. Both the students at Portsmouth High and the school administration let creativity shine. The results? The video has gone viral with close to 2.5 Million views and has been featured in BuzzFeed, MTV,  Mashable and other news outlets. Congratulations Portsmouth High School Class of 2015. You are already shaking things up! Hopefully many future Marketers in this class.

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