Gen Z to Marketers: Let Go!

Gen Z InfluencersHanding the creative reins of your brand’s social marketing over to Influencers is not easy. But it might be the best way to engage Generation Z, or those born between 1997 and 2002.

A recent panel on Gen Z Influencers suggests that these youthful Influencers want total control over what they create … and Marketers are (or should be) listening.

Popular content creators with fame on mobile platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Vine have huge followings because of what they create — not because of what a marketer tells them to create. Of course, working with young talent can be frustrating— parents are involved, they mostly sleep in on Saturdays, and there’s the risk of a brand, uh, “mishap.”But, with engagement rates as super high as they are, it seems worth the risk if Generation Z is your target.

One popular Snapchat user said it best: “Brands that get it are going to crush it. Brands that are stuck on analytics are going to keep tweeting over and over again.”

REALITY CHECK: You have to respect the needs of the consumers you hope to win over. But for older brands (and Brand Managers) this may be easier said that honestly done. Could you do it?

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