Healthy Kids Are No Laughing Matter

Nick Offerman Pizza FarmIn a hilarious parody of contemporary healthy food ads, actor/comedian Nick Offerman takes us on a tour of his farm, where “ripe, juicy pizzas” and taquitos grow on trees and “hot, moist sloppy joes” grow year-round thanks to the “nutrients” in the cola used to water them. As Offerman sums up the message, “If it’s on a plant, it’s good for you. Who cares how it got there?”

The perfectly cringe-inducing satire is a joint production of Funny or Die and the American Heart Association (AHA) and while it makes us laugh, it also has a more serious objective. The goal is to encourage viewers to #KeepSchoolFoodHealthy by pushing congress for reauthorization of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, “which updated the nutrition standards for school meals and established nutrition standards for other foods sold in schools,” per the AHA. “Our children’s health shouldn’t be a laughing matter,” the American Heart Association statement says at the top of the video, linking to an online petition. “Tell lawmakers to help our kids get the healthy futures they deserve.” Lofty goal for a silly production. But it totally works.

Reality Check: Funny is highly subjective. (Just ask any standup comedian!) The best of intentions can go horribly awry in a heartbeat. But when done properly, humor in Marketing can be highly memorable and draw greater attention to dry or difficult issues making them easier to digest in the process. Just make sure you give your “routine” a good test run to ensure that the true message is heard loud and clear. (And that you are actually being funny.)

Source: Adweek 7/14/15

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