Dare You Not To Feel.

Please watch both of these videos.
They are so good and more than worth the incredibly short investment in time.

Why am I in love with these?

While totally different, they prove without a doubt the power, marketing magic and versatility video possesses. We cry, we laugh, our emotions are tugged like almost no other marketing medium for the cost. The story can be longer than what’s affordable on TV, and viewable when,where and how the viewer chooses. I laud the brands who produced these films, to their marketing messages and how well the medium served those.

I also bow to our own talented team of “Video Meisters” — from those who concept, storyboard, produce and edit. It is simply a most powerful tool that is a marketing joy to watch come together!

REALITY CHECK: In the right hands, I believe video is the workhorse of the content stable. If you give it the time, attention, respect and support (READ: Funding) that it deserves, it will not disappoint.

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