Little Things Can Be Big Ideas

We all know that good campaigns are focused on one “Big Idea.” But a Big Idea doesn’t have to be complicated, executionally or visually. It can actually be characterized by simplicity — grounded in a simple but strong “real people” insight, executed in a simple manner.

This recent campaign from River Spring Health, an eldercare facility in the New York metro area, hits the Big Idea bullseye for me (especially as a designer) — based on a simple truth, and executed around one simple graphic element.

By using an iconic “Care Instructions” label as its unifying graphic device, the campaign gets across one of the most important things we would all hope for in our search for a care facility: that personalized care is just that, personalized. We all believe that our loved ones are one-of-a-kind, that they have specific likes, dislikes, wants and needs. And we would look for those needs to be recognized and catered to. Complicated emotions, a critical benefit, all communicated through one little label. Soft, gentle, and personal, one small device. And that’s a big idea. I just love it.

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