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CBD Fitbit Promotion

Before I begin my day in this constantly-connected digital world, I like to take a morning run unplugged — no heart rate monitors or step-tracking devices. But the Commercial Bank of Dubai’s (CBD) latest partnership with FitBit got me rethinking my routine.

When customers link the new CBD Active Saver app with a FitBit, they’re actually rewarded based on their level of physical activity. The more active the user, the higher the interest rate earned. And since the rates are tied to the number of steps taken in a day, it becomes extremely enticing as your goals increase.

A simple, yet brilliant example of how to connect with people who are living their own busy lives — through a device they already use on a daily basis. Linking your product’s goals to your customers’ goals — how novel!  And what better way to build loyalty than by getting folks to think about the CBD brand in a positive light — really paying off the old “healthier and wealthier” adage.

Reality Check: Could your brand get creative to find a unique way to incent healthy, positive behavior? Might be interesting to try. When you can get a customer to do something they actually feel good about doing, it could be a wise move all around.




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