The Next Generation of Infomercial: Entertainment Galore!

Skittles Evine InformercialSay hello to the next generation of infomercial. Skittles has probably just produced one of the greatest infomercials of all time and it’s now airing on Evine Live. And wow! Has it gone viral! So what makes it a perfect storm? How about EVERYTHING!

  1. Celebrity! Known Skittle lover, Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch, made headlines early this year when he wouldn’t talk to the media during NFL playoffs and the SuperBowl. “I’m here so I won’t get fined”. So Skittles produced a spoof press conference where Marshawn actually answers the media’s questions in a Skittles ad and really got the momentum going.
  2. Timeliness! Football season is here. With fantasy drafts being held, the NFL preseason coming to an end, and the Seahawks’ popularity, nearly every sports-related social channel has picked up this infomercial.
  3. Authenticity! The Skittles target consumer wants “real” and Beast mode is as real as it gets. Not to mention very entertaining.
  4. Irresistibility! At the core is an offer a Skittles lover can’t refuse! At $14.86 for a case of Skittles, it’s a steal.

Such a great example of tapping new and creative channels of communication in imaginative ways, all while being true to the brand character (spunky!) Well, well done Skittles! GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up, or Flop) Award WINNER every step of the way!

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