Listerene’s App for The Blind Creates a WIN Everyone Can See

Oh, this example we are showcasing from Listerene® is just so right for so many reasons!

So, ever wondered what it’s like to “feel” a smile? Last week, Listerine’s Advanced White product launched a mobile app overseas that allows the blind to “feel” when a person is smiling at them! The Smile Detector app uses a consumer’s smartphone camera to notify them through a sound or vibration when someone is smiling. To accompany its release, they also created this short film to show viewers how it feels for a blind person to know when someone else is smiling. Now how much more brilliant can marketing get?

First, note its bold, intelligent targeting. Smart targeting is critical to smart marketing, and most often overlooked. No, not the “All Women 25-54,” all-things-to-all people kind of targeting that most brands do out of fear of “missing out” on someone. But the focused, not-for-the-faint-of-heart, I-want-to-be-really-important-to-YOU kind of targeting. So how about this for a niche effort: Blind People! Listerene created the app for blind people. However, the halo effect that the brand will get from such a brave, wonderful, socially responsible effort will reach far beyond the immediate target it serves (and serves so well.)

Second, we are loving their smart integration of technology into branding. Rarely done, and even more rarely done so well. The innovative use of mobile, the creativity involved, and the magnificent purpose served, all roll up to a brand equity enhancement second to none. They are essentially celebrating and sharing the beauty of a smile. What more important thing could they be about? In a category dominated by technology and science, what a breath of fresh air (no pun intended.)

So, kudos to J&J for integrating mobile, digital, cutting-edge technology, and social responsibility into a truly meaningful brand offering. Smiles all around!

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