So Smart Promo Stunt at the Emmys

HBO Now Samberg Emmy PromoLooks like even Emmy hosts are not exempt from promotional marketing stunts! Did you act on the “giveaway” of the supposedly active (it was!) HBO Now access code by Andy Samberg during the Emmys last night? A ton of folks did, clearly causing issues along the way due to traffic overloads and pure maliciousness. But that was apparently planned for, too (or intended?) — those having “trouble” logging in were given a FREE 30 day trial.

New users. Being talked about the day after the Emmys. What a coup for the recently launched OTT streaming service HBO Now! Smart, smart, smart. Well planned and well played. Seamless. We love it. Amazon Prime should call GW Hoffman Marketing!

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2 Responses to So Smart Promo Stunt at the Emmys

  1. Betsy Kent says:

    LOVE IT!

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