A Modern Partnership Made in Heaven

The Martian with Matt Damon

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a space and science geek. So this partnership had me from the start. But for the millions of others not engaged in space science — especially the younger generations — what a great way to inject an “old” brand with new life. And I’m talking about the NASA brand.

The new film, “The Martian”, starring Matt Damon, being released on October 2nd, is perfectly primed to bring all of the science that Andrew Weir’s original book “The Martian”  was famous for to real life (I loved it!). But because it was important to the author and the filmmakers to keep the science of a manned Mars mission as accurate as they could, they created a cross-promotion with NASA, and used the space agency’s technical staff to keep that science as realistic as possible.

Then, on the flipside, NASA is using the movie’s star, Matt Damon, to help educate the public about the importance of space exploration. They’ve even created a web site dedicated to the topic.

What a way to play the partnership card! Both sides benefit and equally help the other in a simple, yet contemporary and honest way. And even beyond the smart marketing dynamics, I say, any co-marketing that can make people (and especially schoolchildren) excited about science and technology is a big win for our future.

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