Authentic Before Trendy

Socality BarbieThe highlight of my day is when I see a new Instagram post from Socality Barbie, the parody account that mocks “That Girl” and her ever-hipster life that is totally way better than your life.

Her posts are filled with everything that has become cliché in social media circles – poses in front of beautiful mountains and waterfalls, jumping for joy on the beach, the obligatory food shots, artisanal lattes, an amazingly trendy wardrobe, a plethora of hash tags and, of course, references to her most perfect friends for which she is forever feeling #blessed to have.

While Socality Barbie is primarily spoofing personal posts, there is still important application to social media efforts by brands. Creating posts or content in an effort to be “relevant” while ignoring your authentic brand persona and positioning only ends up making your brand less relevant to those in your tribe who chose to follow you in the first place! Regardless of the channel, your brand should always stay true to its true self vs. trying to be something it isn’t for the sake of popularity.

If you need a little levity in your day you might want to follow Socality Barbie on Instagram, too. She will be a reminder of all those things NOT do to on social media —  whether that’s for you or the brand you work on.

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