Getting Personal.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.15.25 PMBig brands are making it personal. Coca-Cola introduced personal cans last year with consumer’s names and even fun labels such as “Wingman”, “Friend” and “Mom” as part of their successful “Share a Coke” campaign. Other brands quickly began following suit to get personal. Snickers is rolling out new packaging as part of their  “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign, swapping out its iconic logo for 21 different hunger symptoms. The bars feature 20 tongue-in-cheek words like Cranky, Grouchy, Snippy, Loopy, Sleepy, Rebellious and Whiny. So why the playful personal branding?

Research from Siegel+Gale shows that personalized products ‘make Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.15.50 PMpeople feel like the brand is more about them than about the brand’.  It is also believed that Millennials, in particular, appreciate the personal touch. It worked for Coca-Cola, as Coke attributed a 2.5 percent gain in sales, following a decade-long decline, to the customized cans and their “Share a Coke” marketing programs. The campaign also played out  across social media scoring over 1.14 billion impressions. What is key here is that not only did Coke make the packaging personal, they continued the personal touch in all of their marketing elements to build on the “Share a Coke” thematic.

Reality Check?  Consumers need to see themselves in your brand.  It creates greater brand loyalty and deeper connections. Who wouldn’t want to see a brand just for them, especially if it carries a fun label like Grouchy? Even if it is the last can in the fridge, my kids always save the Diet Coke labeled “Mom” just for me.  Note to Brands: Make it personal.

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