The Power of a Product Demo

“Hard horse further covered the tomato fruit.”

Does the phrase mean anything to you? Fortunately for Elan Languages, a little known online translation tool, this silly set of directions (and more!) in a translated cooking video, helped to seriously showcase its superiority vs the big-boy leader, Google Translate. The results are astounding.

The strategy was pretty simple: To point out the often (highly) inaccurate results from Google Translate, Elan chose a commonplace device, a comparative cooking demo. Right from the start hilarity begins– the chef begins with Elan’s proper instruction to boil the spinach, followed by Google’s translation to “rape spinach”, where he proceeds to bash the spinach with the back of an iron skillet. And from there, the instructions get even more ridiculous up until the food is plated.

The creative brilliance here was in using one of today’s most popular applications — a cooking video. It’s in showing firsthand how Google Translate’s interpretation  of the cooking steps clearly proves why Elan’s tool is more accurate. Finding that practical nugget of truth is once again wins the game. This should have been a series!

Reality Check:  Got a brand you think is too small to get noticed? We don’t buy it. Just find those differences from your competition that allow you to stand out. Then tell people about them — not with meaningless hype, but with honest, practical insight!



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