Holiday Shopping on YouTube?

You may be if their recent Awesome Stuff Week (from October this year) takes hold. And if the shoppable ads being pitched resonate with brand marketers.

Concept is pretty simple: Take one YouTube video star, plunk them (authentically!) into  one said video,where they open, demonstrate (again, authentically- this IS YouTube after all) or otherwise showcase a POV about an item, then make the video unit shoppable. The content is where the people are (YouTube), the POV is supposed to be authentic, though the stars are paid. Gee, kinda sounds like an ad to me. Just with a contemporary, believable spokesperson and a most relevant media placement.

Hmmm, is this how infomercials started?

REALITY CHECK: Is everything old simply new again because of how it’s reinvented and re-executed? Mayyyybe. Will be a very interesting phenomenon to watch. I mean, a paid spokesperson is a paid spokesperson, right? Maybe marketers shouldn’t be so quick to dis “old” ideas that WORKED. Just reinvent them!



SOURCE: Digiday 11/3/15

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