‘Got Milk?’ Repositions Good-for-You as Good-for-Foodies, too.

The latest “Got Milk?” campaign reminds us that milk is more than good for you, it’s also a match made in foodie heaven for many sweet and spicy foods!

The California Milk Processor Board recently released “a pair of mesmerizing ads showing a kaleidoscopic menagerie of sweets and spicy foods…then, ultimately, hits them with the tag ‘Got Milk?,’” according to Ad Age. Well that’s a mouthful! Guess what they mean is that milk has stopped going solo — it’s the perfect chaser for some pretty wonderful foods!

The ads are part of a much larger campaign that will also include

  • Print, digital and in-store ads
  • A new website
  • “Got Milk?” vehicles that will actually follow popular local food trucks (!)
  • Social media partnership with Bon Appetit, featuring milk and food pairings
  • Online films, and pop-up events, with California Sunday and popular chefs, to highlight dishes that are ‘Best Served With Milk

Such a departure. Looks very interesting….

GWH Reality Check: Good-for-you brands might just boost their top-of-mind (and top-of-grocery-list) status by remembering “why” people make certain food choices in the first place!

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