Branding Through Customer Service

Holiday season. Travel nightmares.  Everybody hating the airlines and each other. Right? A recent business trip showed me that it doesn’t have to be that way, and that brands can create a lasting impression (and loyalty) with just a little human kindness.

Delta Delivers on Customer ServiceI was traveling from from New York to Atlanta the other day, when bad weather forced the diversion of a number of flights (after circling for over an hour) to get refueled, back up in South Carolina at Columbia Metropolitan Airport. Pain in the neck, right?  And then it took even more time, of course, for our plane to be refueled and receive a new flight plan.  However, during this time, Delta responded to our plight by delivering pizza to hungry passengers on what I later learned were 5 different planes!

Passengers tweeted ‪#bestairlineever‪ as the friendly flight crew passed out hot slices for everyone. A rather odd (and unanticipated) dinnertime experience to be sure, but I don’t doubt that for the cost of a few stacks of pizza boxes, Delta just made themselves 1,000 loyal travelers.

So this holiday season, when malls are crowded, lines are long, tempers are short and needs are high, I’ll be more attentive to the things that brands are doing to try to delight their customers.  Because a little customer service sure goes a long way.

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