Oreo Gets Creative With Their Brand, Again

Oreo Colorfilled PromoSo our friends at Oreo are pushing the boundaries of branding once again, proving that a solid, well-defined brand can extend itself in almost limitless ways — this time, somehow creatively meshing the old-is-new again resurgence of “adult” coloring with the demand for all things custom and personalized.

Check out Oreo Colorfilled! At shop.oreo.com you can now digitally design your own package of cookies — everything from wrapper designs, gift tag options, personal messages and even the cookie flavor that you like. You can even opt to receive a black and white package with markers and color it yourself. All for (a mere!) $15.00, which includes shipping. (OK, a little pricey for a package of cookies. But hey, spend over $20 and shipping is free.)

Janda Lukin, Senior Director OREO at Mondelez International commented: “Our fans have been interacting and getting creative with OREO cookies for more than 100 years so bringing this behavior to our pack was a natural next step. OREO Colorfilled is an open invitation to our fans to bring their imagination to our Wonderfilled world. We can’t wait to see all the unique Colorfilled packs of OREO cookies created by fans this holiday season.”

Well played, Oreo. Pricey, but creative. Hope it flies!

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