Sharing Happiness Pays Forward Brand Equity.

Brand loyalty should swing both ways — consumers who are fiercely loyal to their brands AND brands that are fiercely loyal to their consumers.  This holiday season, Zappos wanted to demonstrate this, and in doing so, ended up inspiring a whole town to pay it forward.

In looking at their database, Zappos noticed that the small town of Hanover, NH was full of strong Zappos brand enthusiasts. So they decided to deliver a bit of happiness to reward the ENTIRE town of Hanover.  With the great operational efficiency that Zappos is known for, they stealthily delivered  Zappos goodies to every doorstep of these unsuspecting fans. And you can’t believe what happened!

The residents of Hanover were indeed surprised and delighted.  But this good deed led to another… a large group of Hanover consumers, so inspired by Zappos’s kindness, yet not needing the gifts themselves, started collecting donations from the boxes to deliver to Silent Warriors, an organization in Enfield, NH that delivers much needed items to the homeless that reside in the nearby Upper Valley.

Bravo Zappos! What a great way to continue to seed brand loyalty by rewarding and delighting your consumers while at the same time delivering additional happiness!

Best of all, YOU inspired consumers to pay it forward.

This is A GWH W.T.F. (Winners, Toss-Ups, or Flops) Award WIN. #zapposlovesHanover

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